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Sydney artist Charles Billich, 82, and bikini-clad wife Christa, 70, speak about partner swapping, tantric sex and the 'toyboys' she dates while her octogenarian husband is at work

By Kristy Johnson For Daily Mail Australia

Australia's most notorious swingers have opened up about their 'creative sex life'.

Sydney artist Charles Billich, 82, and his Real Housewives Of Sydney star wife Christa, 70, lead a very alternative lifestyle, regularly swapping partners and engaging in steamy tantric sex sessions.

The couple recently moved to Los Angeles and opened the doors of their new Hollywood Hills home this week, telling journalist Karleigh Smith about their raunchy new life in Tinseltown.

Christa revealed that after the couple moved to the US, she began dating 'toyboys' while her octogenarian husband was at work.

The reality star admitted that she's got 'a lot of time to flirt' and 'sometimes annoys the neighbours' with her latest conquests.

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'Toyboys come and go - they are not meant to be kept. You enjoy a lovely short-lived romantic affair and then you stay friends for the rest of forever,' she explained.

Meanwhile Charles explained that despite his wife's liaisons, the couple still lead a very 'creative' sex life.

'We have tantric, eccentric sex. It's a totally consensual relationship with a few frictions here and there. We have the freedom and the release and the relief,' he said.

Despite being the instigator of their open relationship – he even famously cheated on Christa on their wedding night with the photographer – Charles takes a more traditional approach to their arrangement, and usually only sleeps with his painting muses.

'Before me, Christa would have slept with hundreds, maybe thousands of men!' he said with a chuckle.

'But in my lifetime I would have slept with less than 100 women. I go for quality rather than quantity, so I can't really boast about having slept with hundreds of women.

'I have a penchant for rotation. They become old flames but still flames,' Charles went on to say.

Charles added: 'I am still a virgin in some respects, because I only sleep [with] straight women [never men]. Some people say life isn't complete without a certain ingredient of gaiety in your sexuality but we are happy.'

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'I prefer to have two bites of the cherry! It means you can have a girl or a boy,' Christa quipped.

Charles interjected: 'She does dabble. We've never had a threesome – but we've had a foursome!'

As an octogenarian, many question how Charles manages to 'keep up' with his romantic conquests – but he insists he does just fine, even though Christa encourages him to 'pack your Viagra' before he heads to work.

'Viagra is going out of fashion. I think it's better to rely on the equipment you have. It's mind over matter,' he said.

'The whole body is an organ. You can keep the usage of your penis to a minimum.'

While Charles insists he's had no surgical help to keep him youthful, Christa admits to spending 'hundreds of thousands' to help keep herself looking youthful, especially in a city surrounded by pretty blonde things.

'Everyone knows I had the 'Mona Lisa Smile' – which is designer vagina surgery,' she said.

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'But I also go to Korea to get human placenta injected into fat in your bottom or your tummy. You do a course of eight injections, and the result is powerful rejuvenation.

'You know my age. You don't have this type of skin naturally, even if you have body lotions and creams. Most women are more makeup-orientated. While I've spent more time in Asian countries where they are more skin-orientated.

'I don't wear makeup – you're just covering up. We've seen so many women considerably younger than me who look older, and more artificial,' she went on to say.

Meanwhile, the larger-than-life personalities were certainly in the party spirit as they posed for a series of racy snaps in the Hollywood Hills.

Sporting a skimpy black two-piece, Christa had no qualms in showing off her ample bust, teaming her look with jewels and a pink gerbera behind one ear.

Glamming up for the occasion, the socialite opted for a dewy complexion, very defined brows and a coating of pink gloss over her very plump pout.

Charles, in a pair of abstract budgy smugglers, shielded his eyes behind feminine glasses and held onto a bottle of bubbly.

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Stationed poolside, the pair who have just filmed a pilot for a reality show in LA, put on an affectionate display, locking lips and gazing at one another adoringly.

Christa later changed into a skin-tight purple frock that flattered her curves, while Charles stood out in a Hawaiian shirt, lightwash jeans and studded loafers.

The couple continued their antics, with Charles biting down onto his wife's breasts.

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