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Sex-loving British couple reveals what saucy swinging parties are really like


Taking to an anonymous confessions forum, the couple revealed what kind of saucy antics go on at London's swinging parties


WE’VE all seen racy depictions of lavish and lusty sex parties in films and on TV, but what are real swingers’ parties actually like?


Sex Club

A British couple have come forward to answer that question, and you won’t believe what goes on behind the closed doors of London’s sex clubs.

Taking to an anonymous confessions forum, the couple revealed what kind of saucy antics go on at swingers’ parties to the Star Online.

John and Tilly used the message board to share their experiences at a five-hour sex party near London’s Heathrow Airport, where they were at it for almost the entire night.


Single women were  allowed to attend the saucy party, but single men are apparently barred from sharing in the fun.

The sex-mad pair told how they shared a single-storey house with 50 other swinging couples, who made use of the swimming pool and Jacuzzis at the X-rated event.

The house also came with a bar area, a lounge full of sofas and, of course, a huge bed for frisky lovers to enjoy.


ACCIDENTAL SWINGERS (First Time Hotwife Sharing Menage Threesome MMF): A Tale of Slutty Hot Wife Sharing

A converted stable packed with bondage equipment and a fake “jail” area also catered to couples with less vanilla tastes.

One part of the house is a dedicated "dark room", where the lights are turned off and everyone is welcome for no-holds-barred sex.

John, a veteran swinger of seven years, said: "The thing we like about this venue is that if you want you can have sex anywhere that suits you, unlike some other clubs, there are no ‘house rules’ to say this or that area is off limits for sex.”


Sex Club

John and Tilly enjoy inviting new partners to join them in the dark, and share their intimate experiences with a number of other men.

At one point, the couple got down and dirty with a man they had just met.

John said: “I asked him if he wanted to join Tilly and me in a playroom – I was stroking Tilly's back at the time and she literally quivered with anticipation as I said it.


"He replied ‘Yes’ so off we went as a threesome to find somewhere to go and enjoy.”

The couple also explain how guests wind down when they are in need of a break: by visiting a cinema which only plays porn.

John added: “We lost total track of time and only stopped when the club owners called around that it was 3 in the morning and time to close up.

“How time flies when you are enjoying yourselves.

“So that was the end of a brilliant night – in total getting on for 5 hours of almost non-stop sex.

"That's why we just love swinging."


ACCIDENTAL SWINGERS (First Time Hotwife Sharing Menage Threesome MMF): A Tale of Slutty Hot Wife Sharing

Of course, there's more than one kind of swingers party, and the one described by the lusty couple is matched only by a naughty nautical adventure: the swingers' cruise.

Last year we revealed how racy swingers were taking to the high seas to indulge in a sex cruise, which will take racy lovers from Venice to Croatia and Slovenia.

Nightly at-sea events will include fancy undress parties, a ‘Naughty Nautical’ party and a masquerade ball.

While couples on board can wear what they want when they want, sex will not be allowed in the ship’s public spaces.


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