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50 shades of Sydney: How couple turned an unassuming terrace into an anything-goes swingers club frequented by high-flying lawyers and execs


  • Doctors, lawyers and company executives are regulars at the venue in an unassuming suburban house
  • Swingers club Our Secret Spot in Sydney has catered for more than 4,000 couples in two-and-a-half years
  • Club has spas, sex swings and orgy rooms for couples paying up to $200 to enjoy, but single ladies go free


By Phil Brandel For Daily Mail Australia

From the outside it's just another terraced apartment in a quiet Sydney suburb.

But step inside on the weekend, and you'll find high-flying executives, doctors and lawyers engaged in all sorts of debauchery.

Welcome to Our Secret Spot, a Sydney swingers club kitted out with spas, sex swings and orgy rooms that have been frequented by more than 4,000 adventurous couples in the last two-and-a-half years.

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The unassuming house was converted into a sex club by its owners, Lawrence and Jess, who say business is booming.

Known as OSS by regulars, the club caters for swingers, exhibitionists, BDSM aficionados, voyeurs and anything in between.

Visitors can swap partners, have sex in front of other couples, have a threesome or foursome, join an orgy or just watch the show.

Entrance costs as much as $200 a night for couples who are not members, but single ladies can attend for free on Friday nights. The entry fee includes condoms, lubricant, towels, a locker and refreshments.

Unfortunately for single men, they are not welcome at the club, which encourages couples and women to come and play.  

OSS opened in March 2014 and opens every Friday and Saturday night.

'We didn't actually realise it was Mardi Gras night when we set the opening and became worried that no one would turn up because of road closures and people attending other parties,' Lawrence said.

'Fortunately, this was not the case. We were packed and it was one of our busiest nights.'

Julian, a 33-year-old executive, attended the club on New Year's Eve.

'That night was insane. There were literally nude bodies covering every inch of the building, you couldn't tell where one person finished and the next person started,' he said.

'Walking around you had to literally step over people in all sorts of combinations.'

Visitors to the club discover a couple of dimly-lit bedrooms, an eight-person spa, a sex swing hanging from the ceiling or for those feeling a little more adventurous, the orgy room, which has two king-size beds side-by-side and six showers with see-through screens.

Each room comes with plenty of condoms and lubricant, and some regulars even order their own personalised bathrobes.

The couple say one of the many surprises since opening is who turns up each weekend.

'We found that generally our clientele are educated professionals. It seems the higher the level of education a person has, the more open-minded they are,' Lawrence said.

'So we seem to get lots of lawyers, doctors and dentists. People who seem quite confident in their relationships and are sexually open minded.'

One Swinging Summer

The couple say they are more than happy to introduce novices to what they call 'the lifestyle'.

'One night we were having a big party and we had DJ playing. The music was playing louder than usual and was audible from the street. A young couple came to the door and asked what this place was as they could hear the great music,' Lawrence said.

'The staff member gave a quick explanation and they were astonished as they had never known a swingers club existed.'

The couple retreated to have a drink nearby and returned about 10 minutes later.

'[They] got a tour around and we left them to their own devices, five minutes later I was doing a quick check around and noticed this young couple really getting into it with others,' Lawrence said.

'I was amazed at how quickly they took to the situation. Within 90 minutes they were back out the door with big smiles saying it was an amazing night.'

One Swinging Summer

The club encourages a 'dress to impress' ethos and says they expect guests to take pride in their appearance.

That means - while the clothes are still on - cocktail dresses for ladies and a collared shirts and trousers for men.

Visitors don't have to have sex if they don't feel comfortable and are not required to strip naked on entry.

'There are plenty of people who think coming to a club with your partner to have sex with others is strange,' Lawrence said.

'We like to keep OSS a safe space to explore their fantasies and we don't like to label things as strange.'

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